So, on a semi-sunny Sunday in August I am sitting at my computer torn between excitement and fretting that I have forgotten something…

Am I off on holiday? No.

But I am on a journey. Yes Strictly fans I used the J word

Tomorrow is the day, the first day that Neroli Counselling in Newcastle-under-Lyme is open for clients.

As mentioned in a previous post “I want to be a Counsellor”, there is a lot involved even getting to this stage, and I am extremely committed to being with my clients and giving them the very best that I can be.

Opening a private Counselling Practice offering counselling sessions involves an additional level of requirements and considerations. Fortunately, for me and my sanity, I attended a BACP Training Day hosted by Martin Hogg of Citizen Coaching back in April 2014. It was entitled “How to ethically set up, market and develop a successful private practice”, and as a result I have my To Do Lists…

  • I have successfully completed my Post Graduate Diploma at Keele University.
  • I am progressing towards becoming a registered member of the BACP.
  • I have appropriate measures in place to ensure and protect my clients’ confidentiality and safety.
  • I have a comfortable, private room within easy walking distance of Newcastle-under-Lyme.

I look forwards to meeting with my new clients…..

See you soon

Hugs Roly

Image:  Through the door, Farnham Castle Gatehouse by Rich Tea CC BY-SA 2.0