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Manicures & Mental Health

Clients of mine soon notice that I love my nail polish and my manicures: in fact one said that they would seriously fret if they ever saw my nails a mess. And wouldn’t you know, that got me thinking…

Manicures and mental health have a lot in common.

You can do a reasonable job of doing your own nails, you can even get a steady-handed mate to help you, but if you want a proper job doing you’ll need to engage a professional*.

If your nails are looking a bit tired and chipped in places, you can patch them up a bit… Or maybe you can keep moving fast enough that no-one gets to see them up close and notice that the blingy shiny nails are actually rather knackered.

You manage as best you can but eventually your nails get into such a state that they really need sorting… so off to your manicure appointment you’ll go…

The first thing a proper professional will want to do is take all the artificial layers off gently and with care to see what we are really dealing with… what’s going on… Because try as you might “you can’t polish a turd”… to get the best finish you’ll need a decent base.

Some people are very lucky and have naturally resilient nails that with a bit of TLC will come back to a healthy state in no time. Others’ nails take a bit more sustained time, nourishment and effort… these people might need coping strategies whilst their own nails sort themselves out over time. Others might have seriously mistreated or suffered damage their nails and need major, sustained, specialist help and treatment.

Once the natural nail base is sorted, your manicurist will then, with you, decide what you would like: they will carefully apply layers and eventually you will have a beautiful finished manicure. You will hopefully go away with the knowledge of how to maintain your nails yourself for as long as possible before you might want to head back for help again or you might have a special occasion that you need extra help with.

Sound familiar? So yes, manicures and mental health do have a lot in common!

*and you must never ever attempt to do your nails whilst drunk 😉