Sitting here on an unpredictable (weather-wise) Sunday afternoon, juggling many things, such as:

  • Being a Mum
  • Being a Wife
  • Running a House
  • Trying to lose weight, so menu planning and food shopping
  • Studying
  • Running my own business
  • Scheduling my Volunteer work
  • Considering applying for jobs
  • Socialising Online and Off with friends and family

Flicking through Twitter I realise that it is or has been Mental Health Awareness Day, Baby Loss Awareness Week and we are at the start of Dyspraxia Awareness Week…

And I wonder… who am I? What makes me… “me”?

I am nearly 40, female and I consider myself to be in reasonably good health, though slightly heavier than I should be, have the odd drink more than I should but all in all I think I am an “average”, “normal” kind of person.

Yet my medical file might suggest different: I have been diagnosed as having Polycystic Ovaries, Arthritis, Raynaud’s, mild Dyslexia and Dyspraxia… Yet when researching I don’t fit any of these conditions closely: none of the “symptoms” describe me correctly. They discuss how these things might affect my life and how I live it but they do not do so perfectly.

And so, I think of my clients… They all live in very different lives with very different things to juggle. They might share some labels yet they don’t fit their list accurately either.

What I think I am saying is when we meet each other, we meet as individuals: there are some “labels” and some shared similarities and experiences perhaps yet we are all “just me”. So when working with people in Counselling the best feedback I can ever hope for is a client saying “You got me!”