Independent Personal Therapy for Keele University Counselling Students


If you’ve found your way here, I am going to assume that you are on or considering a Counselling Course at Keele University. Welcome to my website!

In September 2012 I began my PgDip studies at Keele University to become a counsellor. Five years on I have my own private practice, and I am excited to be amongst the other counsellors in the area who can offer to be your personal therapist as you begin your studies.

Before applying, I had been warned that the course would change my life, I thought I was prepared, that I had sifted through my “issues” as it were and that all my affairs were “in order”. I had looked at the “personal moral qualities” to be an effective counsellor (BACP, 2010, p.4), and the “Ethical Principles of Counselling and Psychotherapy” (BACP, 2010, p.3). I soon learnt that I had a lot to learn, and the course was indeed a challenge.

Personally, I faced many dilemmas during the course: I feel Cushway states one of these dilemmas best (cited in Karter, 2008, p.48) “On the one hand, trainees are expected to become more self-aware and to expose their frailties as a step towards greater client sensitivity. On the other hand, they are selected because of their personal, as well as their academic qualities and they therefore have to live up to this in training and display no weakness.” As I am not employed by Keele University, I can be there with you as you sort through your own dilemmas in private, in your personal therapy sessions.

I agree with Carl Rogers‘ description: “This process is not, I am convinced, a life for the faint-hearted. It involves the stretching and growing of becoming more and more of one’s potentialities. It involves the courage to be. It means launching oneself fully into the stream of life.”(Rogers, 1961)

Throughout my time at Keele, I found the support of the independent Counsellor that I had chosen to be a huge help, and our therapy sessions to be varied and always surprisingly useful. Obviously everyone, of course, is different and therefore every student will experience the course differently. So each student will experience therapy differently, and care needs to be taken when searching for and finding your therapist. Please do explore the rest of the website in particular the blogs as they give an honest flavour of who I am and how I work in the therapy room, plus (and here comes the science bit) practicalities such as location and cost. I hope that you find that I could be somebody you could work with!

All the very best for your studies. Good Luck in finding a personal therapist that “fits” you and your needs.

Mind How you go and Take Care