So, on a semi-sunny Sunday in August I am sitting at my computer torn between excitement and fretting that I have forgotten something… Am I off on holiday? No. But I am on a journey. Yes Strictly fans I used the J word… Tomorrow is the day, the first day that Neroli Counselling in Newcastle-under-Lyme […]

What’s in a name?

My name is Neroli Oakley. Yup, Neroli! My name is both a blessing and a curse. Yes its unique… as an Education Welfare Officer signing in and out of places I was a bit like The Artist formally known as Prince: I only needed one name. I have never ever met another Neroli. Face-to-face that is, […]

Ice cream

What is Person-Centered Counselling?

If you have been referred to an agency or a counsellor through your GP, or even if you’ve self-referred you may not know what type of counsellor yours is. There is a theory (the “Dodo bird verdict“) that suggests it doesn’t matter what type of counselling you have as long as you are committed to […]


“I want to be a Counsellor”

Often clients say that they would like to become a counsellor… Some of them I think would indeed make for amazing counsellors. However, it does make me pause for a moment and ponder… If I knew then what I know now, would I still want to go ahead or would I have bottled it and […]