How would you rate your pain?

I went to see Big Hero 6 yesterday. Why am I writing about that on a counselling blog? Big Hero 6 is a fabulous film… But I will leave that discussion to the film critics… From my point of view as a counsellor, Big Hero 6 raises many issues without being obvious about it. Particularly […]


New Year, New Me?

So, it’s a New Year…. “New Year” “New Me” You can’t help but be aware of talk of diets, fitness regimes (the gyms will be insanely busy for about 2-3 weeks), smoking cessation kits, resolutions, “dryathlons”… its all going on, its all very optimistic, positive and full of motivation: Great stuff! Or is it? The […]


Sitting here on an unpredictable (weather-wise) Sunday afternoon, juggling many things, such as: Being a Mum Being a Wife Running a House Trying to lose weight, so menu planning and food shopping Studying Running my own business Scheduling my Volunteer work Considering applying for jobs Socialising Online and Off with friends and family Flicking through […]

“What’s in it for me?”

As part of setting up our private Counselling Practice in Newcastle-under-Lyme, I have been out and about dipping my toe into the world of networking. Many thanks to WiRE  and BizMums! During these meetings you have around about 90 seconds to introduce yourself and your business. A challenge, let me tell you! I think I said […]

The Counselling Agreement

The Counselling Agreement

Over the past several months I like many of my colleagues have been wrestling to create something called a Counselling Agreement – this sets out some boundaries within which the Counselling or Therapy can take place (see descriptions from the BACP and iCounsellor). Some people call this a “Contract”, but I personally don’t like using this term, as to me […]