Hello From The Other Side

Charging for short notice cancellations, or DNA’s (did not attend) is something I have struggled with. Personally for me Counselling is one of the caring professions, and often people who come to counselling sessions can be hurt, grieving, muddled, anxious, confused: their lives can be very chaotic. Clients’ mental health can be quite fragile, and […]

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I Don’t Know What To Say?

Whether it’s the first session or whether you’ve been coming a while, clients have been known to say “I don’t know what to say? I don’t know what to talk about?” The simple answer is anything you want to talk about – but for some that can kind of be intimidating – cue tumbleweed sound […]

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50 Ways To Leave Your… Counsellor

So, the summer is coming to an end; seasons are changing. So, too are my clients: there is a change of the guard as some clients have left and new clients start. As autumn develops and winter approaches I tend to get busier than in the balmier months of summertime. Counselling can be a funny […]

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Parents, Children & Young People

Neroli Counselling is an ethical private counselling practice in Bignall End (North Staffordshire). I work with people from all walks of life and I work with all ages: my youngest client is 4 years old and my oldest is 84 years old. An area that is very close to my heart is supporting Staff, Children […]

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“How Many Sessions Until It’s Fixed?”

People find themselves coming to counselling for many, many different reasons. It can be, at least at first, an uncomfortable experience. This results in most people wanting it to be over as fast as possible and sorted, done, dusted. Clients or loved ones often ask: Can you fix this? How long till I feel better? […]