First Contact

How do I go about getting in touch with a counsellor? I have had quite a lot of new enquiries this week: some have gone smoothly, some have gone… less so. It made me think about how I could make this easier on new clients? Recognising that we’re in trouble can be a tough place […]

Maybe my issues aren’t “bad enough”

Many clients worry that they are not “bad” enough or “poorly” enough to come to counselling sessions. Often in sessions they say things like, “I bet you deal with some really bad situations, and I’m here whining on about my little world.” Some clients, having looked at my LinkedIn profile, see that I work with […]

Hello From The Other Side

Charging for short notice cancellations, or DNA’s (did not attend) is something I have struggled with. Personally for me Counselling is one of the caring professions, and often people who come to counselling sessions can be hurt, grieving, muddled, anxious, confused: their lives can be very chaotic. Clients’ mental health can be quite fragile, and […]

John Thinking

I Don’t Know What To Say?

Whether it’s the first session or whether you’ve been coming a while, clients have been known to say “I don’t know what to say? I don’t know what to talk about?” The simple answer is anything you want to talk about – but for some that can kind of be intimidating – cue tumbleweed sound […]