Who am I?

My name is Neroli Oakley. I have always worked in jobs that involve interaction with people of all ages and backgrounds, as a Care Worker, Teacher, Education Welfare Officer and Child Development Instructor.

I began my Counselling training in 2005, completing preliminary training at South Cheshire College. I subsequently spent some time volunteering for Samaritans. I successfully completed my Post Graduate Diploma in Counselling Psychology at Keele University in 2014. I am a registered member of the BACP, and I work within the BACP ethical framework for the counselling professions.

Keele University Counselling Students

I am an independent counsellor in private practice. Counselling and Psychotherapy students at Keele University can choose to fulfil their personal therapy requirement with me.
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Working with Charities

Embrace CVOC

I have worked with Embrace CVOC as a Sessional Children and Young Persons Counsellor, with an aim to assist them in their vision: to ‘be there’ for all those children and teenagers who, through no fault of their own, are victims of crime. Embrace CVOC say they help to take away the hurt, restore self-esteem and bring back smiles to faces. They are working to enhance the safety of young lives – protecting them from harm and reducing their risk of becoming another crime statistic.

I offered Embrace clients “space” some “time-out”: their choice entirely as to whether they discuss the reasons for their referral: if so then I was with them and walked alongside them as they tried to heal. Sometimes though, Embrace clients need a safe space where what has happened to them cannot invade. I acted as a fresh face and my view of them was not clouded by what I had seen and heard: sometimes they just needed an hour to be free to be kids again through therapeutic play.

The Dove Service

Working within The Dove Service I provided one-to-one therapy sessions for clients with a variety of presenting issues including loss of a loved one, or many loved ones, loss of a child or children, critical or terminal illness of self and/or a loved one, life altering illness, loss through separation and/or divorce, suicide, domestic violence and abuse. Also I have found that it is not unusual for clients to attend sessions due to grief or loss but then discover that they would like to work on an issue in their daily lives that we uncover together.

I was also employed part-time on a joint project facilitated by The Dove Service for Staffordshire County Council and CAMHS to provide one-to-one therapy sessions for children and young people aged 4 to 18 in schools and Children’s Centres.


Working with Place2Be I provided high quality one-to-one therapeutic play sessions for children in a primary school. I have experience of working with many presenting issues such as: attachment problems, parental domestic violence, parental neglect, parental separation, parental drug, alcohol and substance misuse.

A bit more about me

I enjoy reading (when I get the chance) and I love spending time with friends. I like red wine, pasta and cake far too much for my own good. I have walked The Pennine Way, I  jumped 12,000 ft out of a perfectly functioning airplane, and I hold a junior Black Belt in Judo.